Laser Pipe & Tube Processing

Laser pipe and tube cutting, also referred to as rotary cutting, are becoming the preferred method for processing RHS or Pipe. Furniture manufactures are using it as a clip together manufacturing method. As an application, furniture laser cutters are extremely accurate reducing the need for further machining. Tube cutting by laser reduces the need for traditional manual processes such as drilling or sawing representing a significant saving to our customers. We can program our pipe and tube cutter to cut complex pipe intersections as well as offering square corner cut outs and holes within the part round or square. Please note the limitations as Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd does not have a furniture style laser Pipe and Tube laser cutter. Our Rotary cutting machine is uniquely different. This machine has the ability to rotary cut, cut to size pipe and tube depending on application. There is no need to supply full lengths of RHS or Pipe at either 6.5 or 8m lengths. Cut to size means whatever will come out of a full length. These can be cut by your raw material merchant and delivered to us with a standard utility or we can cut from full lengths. This saves semi-trailer delivery costs of the full lengths and handling problems. For large quantities your raw material supplier has the ability to stack cut in packs. Due to laser head limitations, please contact us for more detail.

Laser cut tube

Typical products

Laser Pipe & Tube (Rotary Pipe Cutting)

Pipe or tube cutting is a slower process than flat bed sheet cutting, this is due to the handling of the product and the fact that the contamination of the painted surface slows up the cutting process. It also varies the cut edge quality as the paint thickness varies from length to length. If the material is Stainless Steel or ERW tube/exhaust tube then this is not a factor.

Limiting factors are:

Laser Pipe & Tube RHS
(Square, Rectangular, Oval, Agricultural Tube)

All materials can be processed including Angle, Columns, Channels and Beams. All materials need to be clean from rust and burr.

Limiting factors are:


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