Laser cutting accuracy

Every customer has different requirements. Your job could involve sheet metal. You may require nutserts within your sheet metal, or you could just be bolting trusses and purlins together. Both have very different requirements in hole accuracy. One requires neat accurate holes the other needs bolt clearance holes. Either way Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd need to know this or it should be reflected in your CAD file to us.

Laser cutting systems are very accurate. The repeatability can be as good as .02mm. As we do not remove a great deal of material (generally only .3mm). We do apply a small amount of kerf if required. Kerf is the compensation of the loss of material caused by the cutting process.

For example, an oxy cutting machine can remove anywhere up to 4mm of material when cutting. The profile is therefore adjusted by 2mm kerf to enable the part to be the correct size.

Laser cutting of thick materials can be anywhere up to .5 smaller in profile. This is not a lot but depending upon your business needs it may be critical. Generally our tolerance is as listed in the table below. If you require any tighter tolerances eg press fit, please contact us.

General Tolerances - Flat Bed Cutting

Hole to hole tolerance + - .05
Holes slots etc + - .3mm (no kerf) or better
Outside Profile + - .3mm (no kerf) or better
Holes slots etc + - .1mm (With Kerf or better)
Outside Profile + - .1mm (With Kerf or better)
Cut Quality Dependant on material surface

Tolerances - Pipe and Tube Cutting

Hole to hole tolerance + - .05
Holes Slots ect + - .3mm (no kerf) or better
Holes to outside RHS + - .5mm Depending on RHS Quality
End Tolerances + - .5mm Depending on saw cut accuracy
Cut Quality Dependant on material painted surface


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